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Tributes To Orion

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Broadcast date: 23rd. February 1999
This is a 72 minute tribute programme that was shown on a local Tennessee cable television station W10BV Channel 10 called "Granny's Network" with Jimmy's road manager and friend Steve Kelley and record producer Jerry Cupid being the guests. Put together only a few weeks after the death of Jimmy, all people involved are obviously still quite emotional and coming to terms with the loss of their friend.
Includes some great stories about Orion and includes phone-in segments with fans from the area calling in to tell about their memories of Orion.
Includes several clips of Jimmy taken from his television appearances:
100 Pounds of Clay (From Nashville Now)
Out Of My Life (From Nashville Now)
Off The Deep End (From Nashville Now)
(Thank God For) America (From TV Country)
Mr. Me Misses You (From TV Country)
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