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Music video 1987
Video produced to promote his Southern Tracks single release Sunday Father's/(Thank God For) America.  A track which highlights the problems faced by estranged fathers attempting to spend time with their sons and daughters. The original version of the video featured footage of Jimmy's long time friend Steve Kelley in the background but had to be re-edited as, due to Steve's striking similarity to Jimmy, viewers were being confused and thought there were two Jimmy Ellis's on the screen.

Music video 1987
Second and finished version of the video. Focusing more on Jimmy and with less of Steve in the background which caused confusion. This version was shown several times on country music TV channel The Nashville Network.

Music video 1996
Three and a half minute video shot to promote the track My Boogie Wants To Woogie With You and the Kardina album STEADY AS SHE GOES on television shows and music stations. Jimmy wears a black shirt with two vertical red stripes and black trousers in what appears to be a cash in on the popular country line dancing trend of the time:

Sunday Fathers version 1.
Sunday Father's music video. This is the first filmed version which was not used.
Sunday Father version 2.
Sunday Father's music video. This version was shown on USA TV.
The music video for My Boogie Wants To Woogie With You.
Music video for My Boogie Wants To Woogie With You, 1996.

Special thanks to the original You Tube uploaders.
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