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8th. January           ----             Rhinestone Music Palace, Lexington, Kentucky
                                                    (Shows at 7:30pm and 10:30pm. Second performance an
                                                     Elvis tribute show. Part of the show filmed and broadcast by
                                                     local television channel the same night).
22nd. - 26th. February -          Florida to Mexico
                                                     (Relaxing on a cruise ship from Florida to Mexico and
                                                     performed several times for fellow passengers,
                                                     including a show lasting more than three hours on
                                                     the last night)
22nd. April             ----                The 200 Club, Kokomo, Indiana
23rd. April              ----                The 200 Club, Kokomo, Indiana
                                                   27th. May               ----             Greensboro, North Carolina
28th. May               ----             Semora, North Carolina
                                                     (2 shows)
August*                   ----             Chesapeake, Virginia
13th. August           ----            Winesburg Inn, Springfield, Ohio
                                                   (Shows at 3:00pm and 7:00pm)
14th. August           ----            Memphis Hilton, Memphis, Tennessee
                                                    (2 shows)
August*                   ----            Matilda Bay?  
                                                    (Outdoor Elvis tribute show)
October*                  ----            Chesapeake, Virginia
23rd. October          ----           St. Henry's H.S. Auditorium, St. Henry, Ohio
                                                    (Shows at 2:00pm and 7:00pm)
20th. November      ----            Earl Dixon's Hillbilly Heaven, Lorton, Virginia

Video footage exists of this performance or engagement and is available on the collector's circuit
        In several cases the audio soundtrack has also been made available on collector's disc.
             * Exact date not known

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