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11th. January            ----         Opera House, Monticello, Florida
                                                  (8:00pm show)
9th. March                ----           Chattanooga, Tennessee
15th. March               ----          Knoxville, Tennessee
4th. July                     ----          Hosted a barbecue at his Orrville, Alabama home
19th. July                   ----          Allentown, Pennsylvania
                                                    (Elvis Fan Club Event)
12th. August              ----          Nashville Nightlife, Nashville, Tennessee
                                                   (8:00pm show)
13th. August              ----          "Orion's Garden Party", Nashville, Tennessee
16th. August              ----         Opera House, Monticello, Florida
                                                  (8:00pm show)
29th. August              ----         Henderson, Kentucky
                                                    (2 shows)
31st. August              ----          Knoxville, Tennessee
27th. September       ----          Wagon Wheel Theatre, Warsaw, Indianapolis, Indiana
                                                    (Shows at 7:00pm and 9:30pm)
8th. October              ----          Geneva, Swtizerland
31st. October            ----          Owensboro, Kentucky
1st. November          ----          Southgate House, Newport, Kentucky
                                                  (8:00pm show)
6th. December          ----          Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
                                                    (Christmas Party)
31st. December        ----         New Year's Eve Party at his Orrville, Alabama home

Video footage exists of this performance or engagement and is available on the collector's circuit
In several cases the audio soundtrack has also been made available on collector's disc.

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