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4th. January             ----         Manager's Association, Columbus, Ohio
5th.January              ----         Fair Buyers Showcase, Williamsbury, Virginia
6th.January              ----         Shane T's, Pasadena, Maryland
7th.January              ----         Rosedale Gardens, Rosedale, Maryland
                                                   (Shows at 2:00pm and 7:00pm)
8th. January             ----         Round Table Restaurant, Laurel, Maryland
13th.January            ----        Jacksonville, Florida
14th.January            ----        Homosassa, Florida
19th. January           ----        Rockin' Robbins, Gastonia, North Carolina
20th. January           ----        Churchills, Burlington, North Carolina
21st. January           ----         Earl Dixon's Hillbilly Heaven, Lorton, Virginia
26th. January           ----        J&J Center/Fairbuyers showcase, Athens & Atlanta,
27th. January           ----        Oprah House,  Greenville, South Carolina
2nd. February          ----         Selma, Alabama
3rd. February           ----         Whiskey River, Macon, Georgia
17th. February         ----         V.F.W. Post, Livonia, Michigan
24th. February         ----         Porky's Revenge, Ruffin, North Carolina
25th. February         ----         Fayette, North Carolina
8th. March                ----         Tiffany's, Fredricksburg, Maryland
9th. March                ----         Tiffany's, Fredricksburg, Maryland
10th. March              ----         Tiffany's, Fredricksburg, Maryland
30th. March              ----         Gadsden, Alabama
31st. March              ----         Faunsdale Bar & Grill, Faunsdale, Alabama
1st. April                   ----         Cotton Club, Huntsville, Alabama
2nd. April                  ----         Anduluisa, Alabama
7th. April                   ----         Powdervile Opry, Greenville, South Carolina
April*                         ----         Raleigh, North Carolina
20th. April                 ----         Clearwater, Florida
21st. April                 ----         Southern Lights, DeL. and Fla.
22nd. April                ----         Orlando, Florida
30th. April                 ----         Por' Folks Bar, Kokomo, Indiana
12th. May                  ----         J&J Center, Athens, Georgia
13th. May                  ----         Stonewalls, Norcross, Georgia
16th. May                  ----         Stonewalls, Norcross, Georgia
                                                   (2 shows)
20th. May                  ----         Memorial Hall, Lima, Ohio
27th. May                  ----         Lake Winnepaukauka, Rossville, Georgia
23rd. June                 ----        Segars, Reidersville, North Carolina
24th. June                 ----        Stonewalls, Norcross, Georgia
28th. June                 ----        Club 21, Atmore, Alabama
30th. June                 ----        Lancelots, Vinton, Virginia.  
1st. July                     ----        Earl Dixon's Hillbilly Heaven, Lorton, Virginia
27th. July                  ----        Shreveport, Louisiana   
1st. August               ----         Village Barn, Bradenton, Florida
2nd. August              ----         Philly's Saloon, West Palm Beach, Florida
4th. August               ----         Hill Top Lounge, Brooksville, Florida
14th. August             ----         Desert Rose, Louisville, Kentucky
18th. August             ----         Silver Dollar Lounge, North Carolina
19th. August             ----         Rosedale Gardens, Rosedale, Maryland
20th. August             ----         Page Valley Fair, Luray, Virginia
24th. August             ----         Lancelots, Vinton, Virginia
25th. August             ----         Rainbow Road, Rippon, West Virginia
26th. August             ----         Earl Dixon's Hillbilly Heaven, Lorton, Virginia
25th. October           ----         Philly's Saloon, West Palm Beach, Florida
27th. October           ----         National Guard Armory, Selma, Alabama
17th. November       ----         Palamino Club, Stafford, Virginia
31st. November       ----         Circleville, Ohio
29th. December       ----         Circleville, Ohio
31st. December       ----         Opelousas, Louisiana  

Video footage exists of this performance or engagement and is available on the collector's circuit
In several cases the audio soundtrack has also been made available on collector's disc.
An audio recording exists of this performance or engagement and is available on the collector's circuit
* Exact date not known

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