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Introduction to Sessions Info - Please Read

In the following pages you will find the most up to date information on Jimmy Ellis' known recording sessions. Initially this info was compiled by Shawn Walker and formatted, expanded and tidied up by myself, correcting some errors along the way using the available information at that time from internet sources, album notes, fellow fans and numerous other sources. This was available on the last OrionDiscs website pages.

Since then fellow Orion enthusiast Kenneth Dokkeberg has managed to gain further details from sessions files, musicians, record producers and friends of Jimmy Ellis and has corrected the errors in my last update. PLEASE NOTE: Any errors on the pages were entirely my own, working on the info available, as Shawn has had no input since compiling the first basic list. My thanks to Kenneth for his invaluable input on my original session data.
Following on from the more recent update on Kenneth's STC website (please visit) I have, following his lead, re-formatted, added to, corrected and tidied up his info before posting it on the following pages.
I have also edited portions of the text removing those instances where all three contributors (myself, Shawn and Kenneth) have referred to themselves in the first person (eg. "I would guess" or "I have heard" as this only causes further confusion.
As I originally stated and as Kenneth has repeated on his site, please bear in mind that this information is compiled only from the details available at this time and will very much remain a "work in progress" project with further information being added as/if it becomes available.
Further details on any of these sessions would, as always, be very much appreciated.


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