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NOTES: Same track listing as LP release.
Canada is the only country to have issued this release.
This album was the first ever Orion/Jimmy Ellis album to receive a simultaneous LP and CD release.
When originally planned this was designed as a CD only release and was to include eighteen tracks. The six omitted tracks were as follows: I Make The Livin (You Make The Livin Worthwhile); Hell To Pay; Going Off The Deep End; Lay With You Tonight; Old Pipeliner; Restless. The plans for a CD only issue were dropped due to the fact there was still a demand for vinyl albums.
The track Old Time Rock is a re-recording of a song originally recorded by Jimmy for Sun Records and included on the 2013 release from Norway titled FROM THE SUN VAULTS VOL.1.
The song Sunday Father is listed on the sleeve without an apostrophe, while the 45rpm single lists the song as Sunday Father's.

Released 1989
I Need You In My Life; Lay Around And Love On You; Sunday Father; Thank God For America; Never Too Old To Rock And Roll; Sweet Mississippi Memories; Back On The Streets; Old Time Rock; I Can't Get Used To Sleepin' By Myself; The Way My Dog Loves Me; Her Memory Just Won't Let Us Lay Down; Down In Mississippi.

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